Advance Point Of Sale Systems
at Affordable Prices

We offer an advanced easy to use Point of Sales Systems. It lets you customize features, take orders and track your real-time sales & inventory using almost any device.

  • Manage Sales & Inventory
  • Track sales across multiple cashiers or locations
  • Review sales in real-time from anywhere, even your phone
  • Customizable for Retail Stores, Restaurants & Bars, Hotels, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Rentals and more

Retail Store Sales with Attractive User Interface

  • Process sales quickly with fast interface
  • Outlet & counter management
  • Reports & Analytics to make informed decisions
  • Monitor sales remotely via mobile app

Great For Restaurants or Bars

  • Designed Specifically for Food Service industry
  • Bar, Kitchen & Table Management
  • Waiter/Waitress can take orders using tablets
  • Supports Online Ordering when integrated with your website.
  • Manage Multiple Outlets
  • Reliable Cloud Based System

Secure Login Panel for Cashiers

Your cashiers can log in to the system with their credentials and they can only view the frontend. POS is super fast that it will give your cashier an effective process with increased productivity.


Tax Calculations

POS comes with Tax feature that automatically calculates the Tax and VAT for your sales. You can manage whether to include Tax or VAT in the checkout or not.

Multiple Payment System Options

Accepts customer payments using the most popular options, e-payment options, and even mobile wallet payments.

Sample Store POS Systems

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